Tactical Paintball

Tactical Paintball

Tactical paintball was founded by Matt and Amber Harrison, in the beautiful woods of Sarah Mississippi.


Tactical Paintball


Tactical Paintball is a fun family affair. It gives the youth of North Mississippi a place to unwind and stay off of the streets. It also instills a teamwork mentality and responsibility.


Matt has helped the youth of Mississippi try to find ways to channel their energies into something positive for years with various Law Enforcement agencies, such as working for the Tate County Youth Court under Sheriff Brad Lance. Matt now works in Tunica County for another great Sheriff but his passion for helping our youth and community remains a driving force for him and his wife.

One of the big draws for enthusiasts of the sport is the art of teamwork and strategy. If you have never played, and you love stretching the limits of physical and mental prowess, then this is the game for you. It’s a thrilling, fast-paced sport that constantly keeps you on your toes.

In the world of video games populated with “Call of Duty” and many other tactical shooters, many of today’s youth have lost that sense of adventure. This sport takes you out of the living room and puts you square in the middle of the action.

Matt’s goal is to grow his business so it becomes big enough to host tournaments which will also help the youth AND bring money into the surrounding economy.

Tactical Paintball


Matt Harrison has created more than just a normal paintball park. It is a ministry that is aimed at reaching out to the teens and youth of Tate county, and surrounding areas.



Is paintball just for the young? Absolutely NOT!



Paintball is a sport for everyone. And in a world that has been dominated by video games and television, it’s a great opportunity for youths, young and old, to experience the adventure and fun of the outdoors.





Their next Event is going to be in September so stay tuned to their Facebook Fan Page for more information. Bring your family, bring your friends, and prepare to have tons of fun!

Need a new venue, or simply a more unique corporate outing? Then Matt has just the place for you to bring your employees for a whole new experience!

Cost: $40 Includes: Gun, mask, All day air, and 500 rounds of paint.
$35 if you bring your own gun.
$15 for 500 rounds of paint.

Tactical Paintball is perfect for group outings (youth groups, corporate outings, family events, etc.,).

You can even sponsor your own team.

Matt’s Team – Paint Assasins

Matt Harrison – Captain
Jathan Brewer
Co-Captain – front line
Jaron Jackson
Back line
Devon Brownlee
Front line
Aaron Owens
Front line
Riley Harrison
Back line
Bryan Westmoreland
Back line

Matt is also available to speak to youth’s at churches.

Visit Our Facebook FanPage Here:

Or call Matt at 662-209-0071

2496 Egypt Creek Road, Sarah, Mississippi 38665


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