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Spahn house is a bed and breakfast located in Senatobia Mississippi that was founded by Daughn Spahn in 1994.



The house was originally built by famous “Hot” Moore who was a successful cattle breeder and almost single-handedly put Senatobia on the map. Daughn was able to convince his estate to sell her the house which she knew immediately was perfectly designed to be a bed and breakfast.

Talking to proprietor Tom Lynch you get a feel for the history and the allure of Spahn House. “The things we give to our guest is a sense of being at home. I can’t tell you how many businessmen come through that door and immediately take their shoes off.”

With the advent of online meetings and the changing economy the travel industry has changed dramatically as has the patrons who visit the Spahn House.

Tom said, “I see it evolving away from business travel and much more in line with either family travel, weddings, baptism, funerals and for tourism…I think that if we in Tate County can develop more attractions and reasons for people to come to this part of the world, that’s where I see the business headed.

Not only is the Spahn House beautiful and historic, but the customer service and care that Daughn and Tom put into the bed and breakfast naturally puts guests at ease.

Spahn House – Giving Back

217336_10150211758451202_4990906_nAs firm supporters of our community, the owners of the Spahn House do special things at holidays each year, the two biggest of which are Halloween and Christmas. At Halloween not only is the house decorated and candy given out aplenty, but Daughn and Tom do something unique. They invite the community kids back later in the evening and supply them with toilet paper so they can “roll” the bed and breakfast.

It’s good clean fun that keeps the children off the street and in a safe environment.

If you are local and are looking to get away for a few days and relax, you can’t go wrong with the Spahn House. For those of you who are traveling through beautiful North Mississippi and the Tate County area, swing on by Senatobia and make the Spahn House your rest stop along the way.

To Contact the Spahn House Bed and Breakfast:

401 College St

Senatobia, MS 38668

Phone: 662-288-6851


Facebook: Spahn House Bed and Breakfast


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