Southern Kookin

Southern Kookin is a great home town restaurant in Senatobia MS that is owned and operated by an amazing woman, Alma Jean Burnette. Alma has always had a fascination with recipes, and whenever she comes across one she likes she immediately writes it down on whatever is available. The results of her years of perfecting her cooking and recipes is a southern restaurant that has almost every dish made from scratch.

Not only is the food at Southern Kookin made from scratch, it is also made with the love and caring of a woman who truly loves people and loves to see them smile. In a day where we get our food processed, packaged and served with speed in mind, Alma makes sure you actually get a meal that is loaded with flavor.

Southern Kookin

Alma loves people, and it’s evident when you speak to her. Not only do local customers get to eat her amazing food but she also has people coming from all over the country just to eat her cooking. The one thing Alma loves is to hear their stories and how they found her.

Now, if you think Alma is going to sit idly by and keep her cooking secrets to herself then you would be mistaken. “This is something I can perhaps leave a legacy for my children, and grandchildren, in the future.”

I asked Alma Jean what she would say to people who have never experienced her cooking and her restaurant. “Wow, the are missing the treat of their life. They really need to come by and see us. It’s great coming through the week but Sunday is a true experience.”

So if you are looking for some great food, and you are tired of fast food and cookie cutter restaurants then Southern Kookin is THE place for you. We were fortunate enough to sample her cooking and it was truly a pleasure for my taste-buds.

Visit Southern Kookin:

334 Tate Street

Senatobia, MS 38668

Phone #: 662-301-0066


Facebook: Southern Kookin

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