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Shanek is a local musician/rapper at the young age of 16 years old. One day, for a school project, Shanek had to write and record a rap song. From that moment, she was in love with music and made a decision to chase her dreams.

It wasn’t long before Shanek found herself writing songs and was in the studio recording her very own music.

I’m just unique. I’m fun, I’m happy. I’m not this cocky, arrogant person.

Shanek has had the opportunity to travel across the country, from New York to L.A., meeting influential people. Her father, Antonio Gross, founded 2 Gross Entertainment as a way to help his daughter and other up and coming musicians, get the exposure they need to succeed.

Shanek Unique

One thing you will notice about Shanek upon meeting her is how down to earth and nice she is. She is soft spoken but once she gets that microphone in her hand, the star comes out. And what a talent she is!

Shanek Musician Rapper


Shanek has been on the radio, 107.1 and K97.1 in Memphis, TN. She has performed at many venues featuring her to new hit songs “Pretty and Paid” and “My Own Thang”. You can find her music on iTunes,, Tunecore, Jango, mog, Amazon mp3, and spotify.

When I asked her where she sees herself going she didn’t hesitate. “To the highest…I mean, I see myself with big time people like Nicki Minaj, Queen Latifa. I want people to be inspired by me. I want people to listen to my song and think like ‘she came from a little town, why can’t I do it’“.

To Contact Shanek:

Twitter: @Shanek_Unique

Instagram: Shanek_Unique

Facebook: LaQuaisha Shanek

Booking Information: 662-288-6270

You can also find Shanek on YouTube!!

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