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Senatobia Spirits is a new liquor store in Senatobia Mississippi. With their motto, “The First and the Friendliest”, they have the distinction of being the first store to serve alcohol in Senatobia under the city’s new alcohol policy.




When you first walk into Senatobia Spirits you realize very quickly the pride that the owners have taken with their business. It’s a very clean, friendly, and customer oriented experience. Every customer that walks in is welcomed with a warm, welcoming greeting.

Owners Rodney and Stacey Besinger have built their store on the sole premise of catering to their customers.

Rodney was working for Snap-On when he was informed that the city was having a vote on whether or not to allow alcohol sales within the city limits. Separate from the county, this had enormous possibilities. He decided to attend one of their meetings and when it was over he knew that’s what he wanted to do.

Senatobia Spirits








When asked what sets his business apart from other liquor stores, Rodney’s answer was quick and heartfelt, “customer service”. He went on to add, “We were the first liquor store in Senatobia and we will always be the friendliest.”

Self-labeled the “working man’s liquor store” Senatobia Spirits prides itself on building their store and their product around the specific desires of their customers. In a world where products are almost literally shoved down the consumers throats, Rodney and Stacey have flipped that philosophy to allow the customer to have the say in what products they sell.

Rodney and Stacey look to have a long and prosperous journey ahead and with great ownership and a commitment to exceptional customer service, they look to help the city grow for years to come.

Senatobia Spirits

4673 Hwy 51 North, Senatobia MS, 38668

Phone: 662-301-1100

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