Rick McCreary & Associates

Rick McCreary is a retirement and insurance strategist that operates out of Coldwater, Mississippi. He is a licensed agent for Indexed Universal Life,Term Life, Annuity, Wealth Accumulation. He is partnered with Gulf States Marketing.

Rick McCreary

Rick McCreary

With all of the small businesses in North Mississippi, it is Rick McCreary’s goal to see that these small business owners have the prime pieces they need to take care of themselves and their employees.

You owe it to yourself to obtain a NO COST Retirement Plan Review. The enactment of the Pension Protection Act dramatically increases the benefits available to owners and top executives. In some cases as much as 85% or more of the contribution can be directed to the owner executive to fund a larger retirement benefits.

If we find that your current plan is the best available , at least you have the peace of mind of knowing this fact and it hasn’t cost you a dime.

CALL or Email today for a Free, no obligation Retirement Plan Review.

1. Gurantee of Principal .

2. Moderate rate of returns

3. Reduce the fear of Loss (remember 08 )

4. Piece of mind .

5. You Do Not out live your Retirement.

The great thing about Rick McCreary is his honesty and passion in helping the small business owner. You could go to a corporate agency but the difference is that Rick truly wants to help you make sure that you and your employees are building and prospering ON that coverage.

If you are looking to plan for your future, your retirement, and you should, then contact Rick McCreary and associates. Put THERE expertise to use for YOUR future:

Phone: 901-356-8216

Email: ricks.agency2@gmail.com

You can also add Rick at linkedin: www.linkedin.com/pub/rick-mccreary 

Here is one testimonial for Rick McCreary & Associates:

*Dan G Smith
Auction Coordinator-Insurance Auto Auction

“I worked with Rick during his tenure at Driving 2000. Because of this relationship, we have remained friends since. I have always found him to be the ultimate professional. There was never an opportunity to question his integrity or work ethic. I always found him to be well organized with his sight set on reaching his intended goals. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again.”


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