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The Purple Pickle Boutique


Khristy Stephenson, owner of the Purple Pickle Boutique, opened her doors almost three years ago after her construction company took a plummet. Stephenson, who had been in business with this construction company since 1997 needed a way to keep the building in which she ran the company. Her idea: a have-it-all gift shop.





The Purple Pickle Boutique–Building A Business


The Purple Pickle Boutique

Stephenson grew her idea based on the motivation that no matter how bad the economy gets, people still buy gifts for others. She wanted to have unique products that people would go out of their way to purchase. So today, the construction company’s building that used to house offices and building supplies is now filled from wall to wall with unique gifts and clothing.




The Purple Pickle Boutique–Customers Matter Most


It is clear that pleasing the customer is the main objective at the Purple Pickle. In order to get customers to venture out of their way to shop at her store, Stephenson knew that she had to make her products affordable.

The Purple Pickle Boutique“You’ll find that our stuff here is more reasonable and easier on the pocketbook than lots of other places,” she said.

Stephenson draws from her creative experiences in the field of construction and develops many of the in-store products herself. Almost fifty percent of everything sold at the Purple Pickle is made on-site. Customers will find things that can’t be found anywhere else!

The Purple Pickle Boutique prides themselves in customer service. Stephenson stresses that their goal is to make all people feel welcome, and her store provides a “come as you are” atmosphere.

Purple Pickle BoutiqueThe Purple Pickle is a true story of what North Mississippi small business owners can do with a spark of an idea and the ambition to make it happen. Visit Stephenson and her crew at the Purple Pickle to see all of the wonderful things this business has to offer.




The Purple Pickle Boutique–Contact Information


The Purple Pickle Boutique is located at 8295 Hwy 178 in Olive Branch, MS.

Khristy encourages all to like the Purple Pickle on Facebook or simply call the store at (662) 893-2001 for more information.


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