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Penny’s Pantry, a cozy soup and sandwich nook in Senatobia, Mississippi, was founded thirteen years ago by Penny Frazier. Frazier’s goal was simple. She wanted to make home-cooked meals available for those who had no time to cook for themselves.

In 2012, Lisa Sowell, Frazier’s cousin, bought the business from her, keeping the same business values.





My family bought the Pantry from Penny a year ago. That still keeps it in the family. There are the same family recipes, the same family vision,” said Sowell.

Penny’s Pantry–Quality for the Customers

At Penny’s Pantry everyone’s main objective is quality. They strive for their food to taste–and look–the best. Everything is hand-made from old family recipes.

Penny's Pantry food

Awesome Food

“A little bit of love goes in to everything we do,” Sowell said. “We’re not just cooking for you. We care about what the product is and what we’re making.”

Sowell has no desire for her restaurant/deli business to be like anyone else’s. Penny’s is not a chain, and it is will never be considered fast food. Sowell’s goal is for the Pantry to be a place where people are able to come spend time and develop relationships over food that is good for the soul.

Penny’s Pantry–Loving the Locals

Penny's PantryIn the future, Sowell hopes to be able to sell Penny’s Pantry’s casseroles in DeSoto county and possibly a few other places. For now, however, the main focus is keeping customers happy where they are. Sowell hopes that Penny’s will stand out to the citizens of North Mississippi as a place that is special only to the small town of Senatobia.

Penny’s has definitely become known as a place for locals to come enjoy spending time together. Whether these individuals are having lunch, playing games, or just enjoying a scratch-made dessert, Penny’s Pantry never disappoints.

To Contact Penny’s Pantry:

Address: 136 North Front St.
Phone: (662) 562-5570
Look for Penny’s Pantry (in Senatobia) on Facebook!
Website coming soon!


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