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Marcus Starks Filming is owned and operated by Marcus Starks. Originally from Clarksdale Mississippi, Marcus now lives and operates his videography business out of Horn Lake Mississippi.



Marcus got into the videography business when other opportunities where coming up short. Back in 2007 Marcus had, like many of us, tried several different career opportunities before his passion for filming set him on a course that would allow him to make a living doing what he loved.


One of the things I found most interesting in talking to Marcus, aside from his passion for the filming business, is his drive to succeed. He began with a $99 camera from Target, coupled that with sheer determination, and began building his business.


As his business grew he brought a friend on board, someone with editing experience, Yung Konflic. Marcus Starks Filming has now built quite a reputation in the videography field.


Marcus Starks Filming Videography


I asked Marcus what separates him from other videographers. “Not too many of them is out there like me. I stay at events. Every weekend I’m somewhere. I’m at somebody’s place filming; wedding, rap music videos, any place that involves filming.



Marcus wants to be the number one videography business in the tri-state area. He has come a long way and worked hard to get his business to the point its at now.


This, to me, is what other business owners should strive to do. Marcus has let his drive and passion to succeed in doing something he loves put him at the top of the heap. The number one key to success is to strive to be the best and do it the right way.


If you need a videographer for any event, be it wedding, music videos, car shows, etc., call Marcus Starks Filming.


Marcus Starks Filming

Phone: 901-283-9337


Facebook: Marcus Starks Filming


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