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Main Street Clinical Laboratory, founded by Mark Vines and Jeff King, is a medical lab located in Southaven Mississippi. They initially got into the market because of the lack of coverage for nursing homes by mainstream companies. Now, many physician offices are seeing the value of their services and are opting to stay local.

One of the things I was struck by when talking to the guys at Main Street Clinical Laboratory was the fact at how much of a disconnect there is between patients and their medical lab options. Most of the general population believes that our lab costs are just what they are; that we have no say.


After speaking with Mark and Jeff I began to see behind that veil and realize we have far more control over costs of our medical care with regards to lab costs. There are plenty of patients with traditional deductible insurance that this doesn’t affect. But, with those patients with high deductibles or no insurance at all, Main Street Clinical Laboratory hopes to change the game.


Jeff had this to say, “We saw a void in the market, and we really felt like we could improve the health care those patients were getting.  We also see that patients appreciate a company that recognizes that most insurance policies written now have a high deductible.  The entrenched larger companies still have not adjusted to this new reality.”


Mark added, “If anybody has gotten a lab bill they know how much it can be, $400 or $500 a pop. We knew that was ridiculous. Even though you have a high deductible plan, that doesn’t mean you need to be spending your deductible each and every year.” He went on to say that, “Lab work is fairly cheaply produced. There is no reason to get $400, $500, or thousand dollar lab bills and that’s the stance we are taking in this environment.”


Main Street Medical Laboratory


The guys at Main Street Clinical Laboratory believe that quick turnaround times with lab results, especially for long term care patients, allows long term care facilities to keep more patients in house and not send them to hospitals. This lets them make medical decisions on the spot until the need arises to send the patient to a hospital.


As much as we have talked about long term health care, Main Street Clinical does far more than just nursing homes. Their facility services the whole scope of medical lab issues, working with hospitals, private practices, and so much more.


Their goal is to deliver timely, relevant, and accurate information with a quick turnaround on lab results.


I came away from this interview with one very important realization. We HAVE to be, as a whole, more aware of our medical options when it comes to health, whether that’s our own health or someone in our care.


Ask your physician what your options are. Get involved in your health as you would with any other aspect of your life.



Main Street Clinical Laboratory, Inc.

Phone: 662-510-5432

Fax: 662-655-0506


1287-A Main Street

Southaven, MS. 38671


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