Main Street Antiques

Main Street Antiques was founded by Melvin and Carla Crockett at 105-A Main Street in Historic downtown Como Mississippi.

Melvin always had an interest in antiques so upon his retirement he set about making his dreams a reality. No matter what period you’re looking for, you are likely to find it at Main Street Antiques.


Main Street Antiques

When we were setting up our cameras I had the opportunity to browse the store and many of the gems he had in there brought back memories from my childhood. There were antique toys I could remember playing with, Tonka trucks built with actual metal, old Premium saltine cracker tins, and so much more.




Main Street Antiques

The history alone, just walking through the store, you could feel, see, and almost hear the past. One of the coolest things to me was an old 1949 television set in perfect condition, knobs and all. He also had a sign that came from a store with the two digit switch board phone number!

Antiques are not the only thing that Mr. Crockett sells in Main Street Antiques. He has a number of items from vendors all over Mississippi and Arkansas. There were some beautiful crafts, books from local authors, food items, and candles…all from our beautiful creative state.

Where do you get such beautiful antiques?



Main Street AntiquesMelvin told us that he finds his antiques at estate sells, word of mouth, customers bringing in items. He also said that they have found a lot of their items right there in Como Mississippi.

“The fun part of it is the find, looking for stuff and finding different things that people like.” – Melvin Crockett.

Mr. Crockett shared with us that they are thinking about expanding into another building for the larger items which well allow them to bring in more vendors.

There was one item in particular that hung up in Melvin’s store that held the most fascination for me. It was a tricycle that was at least 70 years old. Mr. Crockett told us the story behind it: “It was brought brand new for my brother and was handed down to me. We rode that thing many a mile. It’s not for sale. I just wanted to keep it out of the weather. Every time I look at it I think of him.



If you love antiques, history, or items made in Mississippi then head down to see Melvin Crockett at Main Street Antiques in beautiful Como Mississippi.

Main Street Antiques:

105-A Main Street

Como, MS 38619

Phone: 662-526-1000



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