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Youth Ministry


Let’s Talk It Out is more than a motto, it’s a youth ministry. One of the great things about doing a site that highlights North Mississippi businesses is that moment when you find a great story you have never heard. Such is the case with Let’s Talk It out.




As a 503c non-profit organization, Let’s Talk It Out is a youth ministry that focuses on getting the youth of North Mississippi to talk through their personal issues in positive and uplifting ways.

Youth Ministry

Founded by Billy Brown and Rosemary Mckinney, Let’s Talk It Out introduces youth to Christ and shows them that being a productive, good person, and doing things the right way can be fun and natural.



Youth Ministry

Regardless of your religious or spiritual affiliation, if any, Let’s Talk It Out sends a positive message to the troubled youths of today that someone cares. In a world of negativity and nay-saying, there is no more powerful tool than leading by a positive nurturing example and providing a ministry to those in need; and that’s what Billy Brown, Rosemary Mckinney, and the awesome people associated with Let’s Talk It Out do.

They take the average child and show them how to be leaders, allowing them to discuss issues among each other.

Help our youth!


Youth Ministry

Stomp It Out


Being a non-profit entity, Let’s Talk It Out relies on Fund Raising events to drive their basketball camps and seminars. One such event is their step show called “Stomp It Out”. This show is now in it’s seventh year, which includes step groups from all over the state of Mississippi and Memphis TN as well.


I can’t think of a more worthwhile organization than those like Let’s Talk It Out who take action to help our community and future leaders of tomorrow.

Let's Talk It Out

If you would like to contribute to the Let’s Talk It Out youth ministry, or perhaps you know a youth who could benefit from their ministry, then contact them through one of the sources below. We can’t close our eyes, or cover our ears any longer to the challenges our children are facing. Get involved, get active, and Let’s Talk It Out!


Billy Brown

Phone: 901-262-5103

Email: billy@letstalkitout.org

Website: www.letstalkitout.org


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