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Fitness 2000 was founded in 1998 by Connie Burton. A long-time Senatobian, Connie had a huge desire to bring health and longevity to the North Mississippi area.

One of the unique aspects of Fitness 2000 is the multitude of workout programs to choose from. Cardio, body sculpting, body building, overall fitness; whatever your dreams and goals for your body can be made a reality from the great people and trainers of Fitness 2000.

Fitness 2000

Starting off with an idea and a variation of Tae-bo called Body Extreme, Connie soon found a niche he could call his own. The popularity of Connie’s classes has gained more traction over the years as the results of what he has produced in his clients physical health and wellness gained in status.


Exercise. Do you need a personal trainer?

Something that is hard to find in larger, corporate gyms, Fitness 2000 has in mass. Male or female, Connie has a personal trainer and an exercise program that is customized for you and your goals.

For a lot of us, trying to reach these goals on our own can be a daunting task. But with Connie and his team at you have all the tools, expert advise, and motivation that you need to get in the best shape of your life.

What’s his secret to increasing your fitness?

Easy, he’s going to show you what works! Connie won’t try to dazzle you with flashy moves and terminology. He’s simply going to whip you into shape?

Fitness 2000 now offers the very popular Zumba classes. Have fun and get into awesome shape while dancing and exercising to some incredible songs and routines.

Need more flexibility and athleticism? The new Yoga classes taught by certified instructor Liz Callicot are sure to get your body in shape and headed in the direction you need to be more fit all the way around.

A couple of things Connie pointed out that he recommends  to everyone before attempting ANY exercise program is to see a doctor and make sure that you are healthy enough to participate in the gym.

If you’re out of shape, wanting to put on muscle, or just lose a few pounds, check out Fitness 2000 and let Connie Burton and his instructors put YOU on the road to healthy living!









Fitness 2000

126 Front St

Senatobia MS 38668

Phone: (662) 560-6538

Mobile Website:

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