Conxion gymnastics was founded by Doug Jenkins in 2003 after the gym his daughter was going to was closing down. 10 years later Conxion gym has grown tremendously, giving young gymnasts a place to hone their skills.



But if you think Conxion gym is only for the gymnast then you would be wrong. Doug’s vision for his gym encompasses so much more. Cheer, dance, and tumbling are also included at the gym to help not only increase their physical fitness but mental fitness as well.


We try to make sure we take care of every child. Every kid that comes through here we take individually, evaluate and continually monitor their progress. On a personal level and a skill level, no matter where they are from, no matter their background, we work hard to allow them to excel to their level.”


Conxion Gymnastics



Another unique thing about Conxion is their mobile gym. The Flip Magic Bus is a mobile gym that allows Doug to take gymnastics to the community. It’s ideally suited for children 7 & under and introduces the community to the wonderful world of gymnastics.


Conxion Gymnastics – Fun For All Ages


Conxion Gymnastics


Conxion starts teaching children as young as 18 months. They have a parents and tots program that allows the parents to be involved in the development of their child’s gymnastics experience.



A junior Olympic training facility, Conxion follows the USA Gymastics training and guidelines. This allows level 1 & 2 gymnasts to advance their skills, take those to college, and compete on a regional and national stage. Doug currently has a level 10 gymnast that trains at his gym. They also offer both recreational and competitive cheer programs, dancing (ballet, jazz, hip-hop), and tumbling.

We try to help every child be their best. Winning is not everything but we try to allow them to get to where they want to be and achieve their personal goals.

In a world where television, video games, and cell phones seem to have a grip on our children, Conxion gym offers them a great place to increase their fitness, mental health, and meet new children all while learning and developing new skills.

Conxion Gym now has TWO locations:

1725 Memphis St, Hernando MS, 38632

7164 Hacks Cross Rd, Olive Branch MS, 38654

Phone: 662-429-5958

Facebook: Conxion Gym


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