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Cohen’s Crosses was founded by Barry Perkins and his wife Sarah in October of 2012. It began as a way for Barry to be able to stay at home with his son, Cohen, and tend to his many needs with Down Syndrome.

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Barry Perkins has been a native of North MS and Senatobia for most of his life. There are not many people who are as well like or as well known in the area as Mr. Perkins. He has an enthusiastic and sincere approach when it comes to people that spills over into his craft in Cohen’s Crosses.

Cohen's CrossesIt goes without saying that having a child with Down Syndrome presents a whole different dynamic in a household. But, the love that Barry and Sarah have shown for Cohen, as well as their other two sons, Levi and Nick, has truly been inspiring. They sacrifice without complaint and make sure all of their children, themselves included, enjoy life to the fullest.

Cohen’s Crosses is a reflection of that love.

Cohen's CrossesEach item is carefully crafted by Barry with careful and skilled passion. What you get with Cohen’s Crosses are beautiful works of love that are sure to highlight and brighten any home, office, or life.

Decorating your home with one of Barry’s custom designs is a must. Not only do they make great additions to your home but they make awesome gifts as well.

Cohen’s Crosses began as a small endeavor to help subsidize costs and keep Barry at home but has quickly grown into very enterprising business, spreading to over 20 stores throughout the state of Mississippi.

Do you have an allegiance to a specific team or University? Barry can make that happen!

Cohen's Crosses

Cohen's Crosses

Maybe you have an idea for a design to brighten your room!

Cohen's Crosses

If you have a special order for Barry you can email him at

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