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Cory and April Hoffmann bought Chapel in the Pines in 2010 after its original owners decided to retire. The Hoffmans fell in love with the place after having their wedding there. During that time, the couple expressed their interest in Chapel in the Pines to the owners. After much thought and prayer, the Hoffmans took over Chapel in the Pines.






Chapel in the Pines–Beauty Within a Budget

One of the main objectives of Chapel in the Pines is to work with the budget of all clients.

“We are all-inclusive. We offer wedding packages of all different sizes,” Cory Hoffman told LRP.

The Hoffmans work with clients to make sure that all details of the weddings are perfect. They strive to take the visions that the bride and groom have and make them reality.

chapel in the pines“We try to take their vision and recreate it, depending on what their colors are, their style, and their theme,” said April Hoffman.

The Hoffmans are more than willing to work with ideas of any kind at Chapel in the Pines, whether the theme be traditional, county-chic, or even a theme unique solely to the couple. The Hoffmans will make it happen–and happen within budget.

Chapel in the Pines–”One-Stop Shop”

At Chapel in the Pines, couples are given the option of having absolutely everything taken care of for them. From the afficient to the wedding cake and decor, the reception food, the DJ, the Hoffmans have packages that include various things depending on how much the bride and groom wish to be involved. The couple wishes for things to be as stress-free as possible for the bride and groom on their special day.

1239300_671219929556717_1620939874_o“We’re a “one-stop shop,” if you will,” April Hoffman said.

“You won’t get a cookie-cutter wedding,” Cory Hoffman added. “Every wedding is unique.”

Chapel in the Pines–Future Plans

In the future, the Hoffmans hope to expand Chapel in the Pines with an outdoor pavilion to appeal to larger wedding parties and to take away the worry of the weather on wedding day. Also, a honeymoon suite addition may be in the cards for Chapel in the Pines sometime in the future.

“Being a part of the bride and groom’s special day, and all of the many ‘thanks’ we get from the families and the brides themselves, that’s what makes it worthwhile for us to put in the time to make this a career.”

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April Hoffman’s Cell: 901-786-4757

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