Cabin Recording

Cabin Recording

Cabin Recording was created by Country Artist Prentis Goodwin as a way to make getting into a true recording studio easier than ever.

The state-of-the-art studio is fully mobile and can be taken anywhere the action is. Do you need Cabin Recording at a concert, party, church, etc.? Prentis can make that happen.

Prentis Goodwin

Prentis Goodwin


Prentis Goodwin has over 35 years of experience in the music industry. In 1989 he went to Nashville and wrote songs for Mel Tillis. Prentis has also opened for Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Jr., Alan Jackson, and many more.


With Cabin Recording, Prentis has brought his musical talents to North Mississippi to make it easier for local artists to get inside a studio and cut songs.


But if you thought Cabin Recording was just for musicians, you’d be wrong. Do you have a story you want to tell and would like to share it through audio? Do you want to do podcasts? Sermons? Whatever your desire, Prentis Goodwin can make it happen.

Mobile Studio


With over $40,000 in equipment inside the mobile studio, Prentis has spared no expense in making sure you are getting the BEST quality sound. Prentis’ son, Pren (who I’ve found is somewhat of a computer genius) built the high-tech computer that runs Cabin Recording.


Perhaps the best thing about Cabin Recording is the 35 years experience that comes along with it. Prentis Goodwin is there to guide you so you are able to capture your full potential when recording.

Cabin Recording


Cabin Recording is a unique experience. You are removed from the sterile and sometimes off-putting atmosphere of the more corporate studios and are put into the comforting, friendly confine of the Cabin Recording mobile studio.



So if you have a song or songs you want to record, podcasting opportunities, audio books, sermons, whatever your need, contact Prentis Goodwin and Cabin Recording.

Cabin Recording

Phone: 901-303-8932




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