Author Hope Crago


Hope Crago is one of our newest authors here at Laurel Rose Publishing. Since the publication of her first book, Lfie Saving Tips, Hope has been a buzz saw at promoting herself. She has also been hard at work on her second book.  Please join us as we get to know Hope and her vision for her writing and her future.

Author Hope Crago

2 1/2 years ago Hope had the idea for a book about safety tips while working for a company as a Loss Prevention agent. She had seen a lot of situations that people had gotten themselves into, situations that could have been avoided with the proper knowledge. Hope realized there was a target audience who needed the knowledge that she had acquired in her years in Loss Prevention. She had heard about Laurel Rose Publishing and approached them about helping her get published.

Hope’s love of writing is an extension of her mind, allowing her to express the things about the world that she loves to talk about. There is so much in this world, especially in real world events and issues that touches Hope and that is where her interests lies.

“Life is too short. You only live one life, you might as well make the best of it and if I can help make it a little bit safer and enjoyable for people then that’s ultimately my goal.”

As for 2014, hope has several writing projects lined up and expects to have at least five more published. But Hope is not only writing, she is actively pushing her book, lining up book signings, and constantly engaging potential readers.

When asked about being a first time writer and offering advice to other people who may have a dream to be a published author, Hope had this to say:

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“I think for a lot of people its the fear of failure. I had the same fear. With anything in life you never know unless you try it. If you have a dream and a passion to write something then do it and stop making excuses. If you don’t know how to publish it find someone like Laurel Rose Publishing.”



You can find Hope Crago’s book here:

Amazon: Life Saving Tips

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