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2 Gross Entertainment is owned and founded by Antonio Gross. Antonio is a local businessman who has his hands in several ventures.



Antonio had the idea to create his own entertainment brand after his teenage daughter, Shanek, had a project at school. That project, his daughter’s natural talent, as well as his family’s long love of music lead him to open his company.

Entertainment“We have a lot of people in my company who are able to put you in another whole level than other companies. For instance, we have advisors. I have a producing team on hand. You need new tracks done? I have that in my company.”

Antonio has traveled across the U.S., making lots of connections along the way; Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles.  ”We are in a position to connect to other people. If you want to take your act to other towns, and not just in Mississippi, we have the connections to do that.”

The world we live in now, the digital age, allows for us to follow our goals by making what once was available to big studios and put it into the hands of anyone with a vision. All you have to have is passion, as Antonio does, and anything you desire can become reality.

I asked Antonio what his plans are for his business. He sees 2 Gross Entertainment becoming a big household name in Mississippi. He wants people to be able to come to Mississippi to record. “We don’t have a big record label here in Mississippi. So, that’s my goal, to bring it to Mississippi.”

Maybe you’re not a singer, rapper, or musician, that’s okay. Antonio’s company is also looking for models, dancers, and more.

2 Gross Entertainment – Follow Your Dreams

Do you have a dream or passion but are not quite sure how to move forward with it? I asked Antonio his thoughts on that as well: “Don’t give up. Always pursue your dream. If you have a dream then pursue it. A lot of people get caught up in non-sense and stuff like that. But pursue your dream. If you need help, that’s what I’m here for.”

Antonio wants to help YOUR dreams and ambitions come true. Get in contact with him and find out how you can get started on your path to making your dreams a reality.

To Contact 2 Gross Entertainment:

Facebook: Antonio D. Gross

Twitter: @TooGross

Website: www.grossentertainment.net

Phone: 662-288-6270

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